Scorpion III


Take A closer look

Take A closer look

Our Most Advanced Scorpion Yet

Padded T-Grip Handle

Adaptable Lift Bars

Durable, Resilient Storage Containers

Our Most advanced Scorpion yet

Our third generation Scorpion skate has been refined to be the most efficient and safest model yet. 

Padded T-grip handle

The padded handle allows for easily maneuvering the shelf in every direction. 

Adaptable Lift Bars

Scorpion III utilizes sturdy Lift bars that are quick to connect and support the entire shelf.

Durable, Resiliant Storage Containers

The Scorpion III ships in an extremely rugged storage box that is light weight, super tough, and freight ready.

see it in action

see it in action

Ratchet wrench for easy lifting
Quick release lifting mechanism
Rugged 5" Cozza casters

Skate Specifications

Dimensions: L 16″ x W 16-3/4″ x H 10-3/4″

Weight: 36 lb

Lifting Capacity per Skate: 1750 lb*

* Lifting capacity is based on a fixed rigging configuration and varies depending on fixture and environment. 

Box Specifications

Weight (loaded): 1737 lb

Dimensions: L 61″ x W 43-3/4″ x H 60-3/4″

Stacking Ability (empty): 3 units

Stacking Ability (loaded): 2 units

Sturdy, lockable doors
Easily accessible storage compartments
Secure storage for skates

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