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Gondola Skate Stingray

The Stingray® is the LOWEST



All-Purpose Gondola Skate

Gondola Skate Stingray
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Gondola Skate Stingray

What are you moving?

Gondola Skate offers an extensive product catalog to mobilize a wide variety of retail and warehouse shelving.

Use our Product Selection Guide to find which product best fits your needs. 

What are you moving?

Gondola Skate offers an extensive selection of products to mobilize a wide variety of retail store and warehouse shelving. Explore our Product Selection Guide to find what product best fits your needs.




Gondola Skate Falcon Two

Falcon II

Gondola Mover

The Falcon II is designed for solid-base gondola fixtures with standard base shoes and leveling feet. Its compact size and integrated EZ lift mechanism are best suited for fully-loaded, light-to-medium weight gondolas.

Gondola Skate Rhino Two

Rhino II

Pallet Rack Mover

The Rhino II is a heavy-duty, versatile moving system for fully-assembled pallet racks. It is compatible with a host of yoke attachments to tackle any warehouse challenge.

Gondola Skate Scorpion

Scorpion III

Gondola Mover

The Scorpion III moving system mobilizes H-style retail gondolas with its detachable horizontal lift bars that support under the entire gondola bay. It is ideal for large-scale remodel programs at big box retailers.

Gondola Skate Bandit

Bandit AND Titan

Gondola Mover

The Bandit skate unit and Titan hydraulic lifter comprise a compound universal gondola mobilization system designed for retailers with heavy merchandise. After the Titan lifts the fully-loaded gondola, the Bandit slides underneath and supports the entire fixture with its central steel channel.

Gondola Skate Sidewinder


Pallet Rack Mover

The Sidewinder system is a lighter, sleeker, and faster version of its big brother, the Rhino II. Its various yoke attachments incorporate a clamping and quick release design, setting the new standard for pallet rack mobilization speed.

Gondola Skate Stingray


Gondola Mover

The Stingray is a universal gondola mover that revolutionizes traditional low-profile skates by replacing destructive ball transfer bearings with high-performance Saturn I urethane casters. Stingray skates suspend fixtures a mere 5/8” off the ground, the lowest skate profile in the industry, without compromising durability or maneuverability.

Top 10 Reasons To Rent Gondola Skate Mobilization Equipment
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Use the latest and greatest equipment.

Using up-to-date equipment is a major step to remaining competitive in today’s remodel/reset market. Gondola Skate is ALWAYS working on the solutions of tomorrow while perfecting the solutions used today. Our rental clients are the first to work with the latest and greatest versions of our gear.

Always use equipment that is “like-new” condition.

One of the largest benefits of equipment rental is that your teams are using the safest, previously inspected and maintained equipment, on every job. Owned equipment is in a state of decline from the first time its used. Gondola Skate goes to great lengths to ensure that our equipment is in top shape when it shows up at your job, every time. 

Eliminate coordination headaches.

Gondola Skate has a team of expert logistic and project managers that take care of every detail of getting your equipment to each jobsite. Minimal assistance is needed to get the kits back on the road to their home. We also pass on our incredible freight savings (based on our shipping volume) to our clients. Renting Gondola Skate equipment eliminates a mountain of side problems associated with owning and relocating your own equipment.

Avoid long-term commitments.

A great way to stay competitive in today’s remodel/reset market is to use project-based pricing for rental equipment. This means that the expense is a direct function of the job it is used for. You no longer need to indirectly amortize your long-term equipment expense into large and small jobs.​

Avoid capital expenditure.

Major, capital-equipment purchases can cause anxiety on the part of business owners. Equipment purchases are expensive and must be kept busy throughout their practical life, and hopefully not being misused or abused. There are warranties to track, service-contract decisions to make, financing options to discern along with interest rates and several other points that make buying equipment a long-term responsibility. Capital equipment purchase comes with the duties of storage, maintenance, service, eventual sale or disposal and upgrades. Renting fixture mobilization equipment eliminates each of these concerns and duties.​

Maintain stronger borrowing power.

Banks do not see rental expenses as a liability on the balance sheet, so the option to rent equipment maintains stronger borrowing power for a business. Thinking in terms of assets and liabilities, capital-equipment debt or an aging machine could weaken a business’ overall financial picture depending on the numbers and circumstances.

Save at tax time.

Rental expenses are a deductible expense while purchased equipment is taxed at a depreciated rate over its lifetime. Generally, rental expenses are a little more financially flexible than are major, capital-expense purchases. In some cases, they’re viewed as project expenses or might have some type of tax-deduction benefit available because of the nature of certain kinds of business.​

Preview and compare systems.

Equipment Rental allows the ability to mix and match systems, try new equipment systems and lock into favorite equipment packages. Gondola Skate is continuously working with our clients to improve the entire experience, and we want new technology in their hands immediately.​

Eliminate storage fees.​

Storing fixture mobilization equipment is obviously eliminated by Gondola Skates Equipment Rental. Anyone who has stored and lugged this gear around will attest to the brilliance of “letting someone else deal with it,” we deal with every aspect of it for our clients, from delivery to pickup to delivery again.​

Gain built-in project management support.​

Behind the scenes, we track every possible facet of every piece of equipment on every jobsite. We have a team of top-tier project management, logistics and operation managers that are seeing the process through with our clients. We use state of the art, proprietary software to stay on top of even the most minute details. We use integrated GPS tracking to further focus our project management support and minimize costs to everyone due to misplaced equipment.​

Want to learn more about Gondola Skate products
or get a quote?

Call 619-222-6487 or fill out the online form.


Want to learn more about Gondola Skate products or get a quote?

Call 619-222-6487 or fill out the online form.

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