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Rhino II Operation Manual

Gondola Skate Rhino Two

Step by step guide to using the Rhino II from unpacking the box to shipping it back to Gondola Skate.

Main Components Identification

Lifting Mechanism


Hanger Rollers

Height Gauge

Ratchet Drive

Yoke Hooks

5" HD Cozza Casters

Skate Specifications:

Dims In:  L 17”” x W 5-1/2” x H 32-1/2”

Dims m:  L 431.8mm x W 141.7mm x H 825.5mm

Weight: 40lbs [18kg]

Capacity: *1750lbs [793kg]

* Lifting capacity is based on a fixed rigging configuration and varies depending on fixture and environment. Please contact Gondolaskate for a detailed examination of your configuration for accurate rigging capacity analysis.

Standard Kit Components

Heavy Duty Ratchet Wrench, 1/2” Drive

The Included Ratchet Wrenches are specifically manufactured for use with the Rhino II Skate. The ratchet has a directional switch in the head for quick direction reversal.

Gondola Skate Ratchet Wrench
Gondola Skate Pull Bar

Gondola Skate Retractable Pull Bar

The Retractable Pull Bar collapses for storage, and extends on demand to pull fixtures during mobilization. Simply hook into the integrated pull ring at the bottom of the Rhino II skate.


Wheel Steering Tool for Casters

When under load, use this tool to properly adjust the direction of the casters for a significantly smoother start. When all casters are trailing the direction they are moving, a SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED amount of force is needed to get a fixture moving

Gondola Skate Steering Tool
Gondola Skate Rhino Two Interlake Yoke

Adapter Yoke

A manual is available specific to each type of fixture to be moved. The Rhino II skates are quite versatile, and are used to move virtually any series of Pallet Racking, Gondolas and other fixtures and equipment. The respective manuals cover specialized equipment and procedures that are required for each type of fixture.


Unpacking the Rhino 2 Box

Rhino II Skates (QTY 18)

There are 3 groups of 6 skates in the Storage Box, The Skates, with the RATCHET WRENCHES attached, hang on rails in the top of the compartment. Rollers are mounted on the handles near the upright handle tube, that roll on the rails in the box.

Gondola Skate Part

Pull Bars (QTY 6)

Pull Bars are stored in the LEFT DRAWER.

Gondola Skate Part

Lift Yoke (QTY 18)

9 Lift Yokes (half of the Yokes) are stored in the CENTER DRAWER. While the remaining 9 are placed in the right drawer.

Gondola Skate Part

Steering Tools (QTY 4)

The Wheel Steering Tools are stored in the RIGHT DRAWER, along side 9 Lift Yokes.

Gondola Skate Part

Pallet Rack Mobilization Introduction

Mobilizing PALLET RACKING is one of the functions of the Rhino II Mobility system. In order to install and use this product to move pallet racks, the user must follow a particular set of instructions and use the correct supplied equipment that is included in each Rhino II Kit.


This section of the manual is dedicated to the process and equipment involved and includes a step by step walkthrough of the process from start to finish. The steps and illustration figures in this section all have a “P” prefix, which designates “PALLET RACK” information.

Gondola Skate Part

Pallet Rack Mobilization Installation

Step P-1

Site Survey and Equipment Inspection

    1. Survey the surrounding area and predetermine path for fixture move.
    2. Ensure that path is unobstructed by debris, equipment, items bolted to floor, etc.
    3. Closely inspect the pallet rack for plumbing and electrical connections.
    4. Inspect displays that are connected to or integrated into the pallet rack.
    5. Follow specific “Fixture Physical Inspection Procedures” to ensure that rack is safe to mobilize.
    6. Carefully examine anchoring of columns to the floor, note the type and location of fasteners.
    7. Identify flue space between racks, if less than 200mm, the bottom inside beams must be removed.

Step P-2

Site and Fixture Preparation

    1. Remove all electrical and/or plumbing connections. Digital photos of connections may be helpful.
    2. Remove all displays or add-ons that will not move with the pallet rack.
    3. Follow Specific “Load Redistribution and Containment for Mobilization” procedures.
    4. Remove all anchor bolts (or nuts, if studs are used). (Shown Below)
    5. If studs are used, make sure to note the height from the floor to the top of the studs, see Fig P-2E.
    6. When all connections and anchors are removed, sweep area in and around fixture.
    7. Sweep path and scan again for obstructions.

Fig P-2E Make Note of Stud Height (if studs are used to anchor columns)

Gondola Skate Part

Step P-3
Installation of Rhino II Yoke Adapters
A. Place Rhino II storage box in a location as close to fixture as possible.
B. If flue < 200mm, remove bottom beam from inside racks, see Fig P-3B.

Gondola Skate Part

Fig P-3B Remove Inner Lower Rails if flue space is less than 200mm

C. Counting from the floor, attach the yoke into holes “4”, “5” and “6”.

Gondola Skate Part

Fig P-3C Attach the yoke in the “4”, “5” and “6” holes, counting from the floor.

D. Install all yokes by aligning hooks inside yoke with lowest available holes in column, see Fig P-3D.

(Integrated magnets will keep the yokes in place temporarily) 

E. Inspect installation to ensure that all yokes are fully engaged, at the same height.

Gondola Skate Part

Fig P-3D Align hooks in column holes, magnets will hold yoke in place.

Step P-4

Unpacking and Installation of Rhino II Skates

A. Each Rhino II skate is secured in the storage box on a hanging rail system, see Fig P-4A.

B. Pull each Rhino to the front of the rail, lift Rhino slightly over stop, and pull out see Fig P-4B

Gondola Skate Part

C. The Rhino II will stand on its own if the wheels are trailing out the front. Trail the wheels away from the lean direction. Fig P-4C

Gondola Skate Part

D. Before rolling skate into position, install ratchet into drive socket. Fig P-4D

 (The ratchet can go in either side)

Gondola Skate Part

E. Roll a skate to each yoke position, make sure the lift jack is at its lowest position, see Fig P-4E.

Jack should be at “0” position before engaging with yokes.

Gondola Skate Part

F. Engage the lift hooks of the skate under the catches of the yoke. Fig P-4F

Gondola Skate Part

G. Turn the Drive socket either by hand or with ratchet until hooks fully engage yoke. Fig P-4G

Gondola Skate Part

Step P-5

Making Pallet Rack Mobile

A. Before lifting pallet rack columns, trail wheels in the opposite direction of desired move., see Fig P-5A.

Gondola Skate Part

B. Set direction of ratchet to crank the drive socket clockwise (viewed from right side), see Fig P-5B.


Gondola Skate Part
Step P-6 Mobilizing Pallet Rack
  1. The Team leader organizes the team, and explains the movement strategy BEFORE moving.
  2. The “moving team” are evenly distributed around the fixture.
  3. Each member of the “moving team” should have an extended pull bar in their hand.
  4. When ready to move, the loop in lower region of the Rhino II is pulled out, ready to hook, see Fig P-6D.
Gondola Skate Part
Gondola Skate Part
  1. There should be a minimum of a single person per corner, and a max of one person per column.
  2. Each team member that will be pulling hooks their pull bars under the pull loop, See Fig P-6F.
Gondola Skate Part
  1. Team members that will be pushing can place the pull hooks on the rack until they are needed.
  2. The leader is to call out instructions loud and clear to ALL team members.
  3. Leader Calls “1-2-3”, “Forward”, “Turn Right/Left”, “Swing Tail Left/Right”, “Slow” ,“Stop”, etc…
  4. If fixture is stopped and must move in a perpendicular direction, use the steering tool to trail wheels.
  5. Once in its target location, and verified by the team lead, lower the columns to the ground.
  6. Once all columns are grounded, the skates can be lowered completely, and returned to storage.
  7. The yokes may also be removed and returned to storage.
  8. The team leader should give the fixture a final once over inspection to ensure no damage has occurred.
Gondola Skate Part


Step P-3 Substitution Rhino II®  Yoke for Teardrop Pallet Racks

Gondola Skate Part
Step AP-3 Installing Yoke  
  1. Lift Slide Lock as shown in Fig AP-3A.
  2. Remove Lift Pins as shown in Fig AP-3B.
Gondola Skate Part
Gondola Skate Part
  1. Place the yoke around the pallet rack upright aligning with holes 4 and 7 from the bottom as shown in Fig AP-3C. (The bottom of hole 4 is approximately 6-3/8” from the floor.)
Gondola Skate Part

Fig AP-3C Slide yoke into place
aligning holes 4 and 7.

  1. Push the lift pins through the yoke and square holes in pallet rack upright until pins stop exposing the heads through the slide lock
  2. Allow Slide lock to drop down, capturing the pin heads, as shown in Fig A3-4D
Gondola Skate Part